The Ice Cream Shop

May 2, 2018
The Ice Cream Shop

When I was a kid, I really got excited when the Mr Whippy van would come down our street and I was allowed to use some of my pocket money to buy an Ice Cream.  All the kids in the neighbourhood would run out of their houses when they heard the song ‘Greensleeves’ coming from the speakers of the van.

In big cities or near the beach and even at weekend markets, you’re sure to find an Ice Cream van or two.  On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like a delicious, flavoured Ice Cream …


I scream You scream
We all scream for … Ice Cream!

In summertime I like to stop
At my local Ice Cream shop
Passionfruit or mango swirl
I’m a strawberry kind of girl

A single cone or in a cup
I sometimes like to double up
Mixing flavours is my thing
Adding sprinkles for an extra zing

Chocolate cake or lemon slice
Both of them taste twice as nice
Vanilla Ice Cream on the side
Which to have I can’t decide

To give a milkshake an extra kick
Add some Ice Cream to make it thick
Without a scoop or maybe more
Apple pie would be such a bore

So when you want a special treat
And can’t decide on what to eat
Don’t pass by but make a stop
At your local Ice Cream shop!


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