Crazy in Love with You

June 6, 2018

There is this saying ‘love makes the world go round’ and both men and women search to find their perfect match to share their life with.  Young ladies dream of finding that special man and when they do, everything in life seems wonderful.  Romantic nights staring into each other’s eyes, jetting off to a tropical island, the flowers, the gifts and they feel their life is now complete.  But when that honeymoon period is over and the bubble bursts, as it surely does, your life and relationship may look a little different …



Just throw your clothes down on the floor
And kick your shoes off at the door
Just leave the milk out in the heat
Don’t worry about your smelly feet

Don’t put the garbage in the bin
Or say hello when I come in
Don’t mow the lawn to keep it nice
Or say that I’m your sugar and spice

Just watch the sports show on TV
Forget what I might like to see
Just pretend that I’m not here
And softly snore there in your chair

Don’t have a shave or shower too
Or put the seat down on the loo
Don’t think to go and feed the cat
Or set a trap to catch the rat

Just have a beer out with your mate
And come back here when it’s really late
Just find your way home in the dark
And hope the dog won’t start to bark

Don’t try and cook a meal no less
You’ll leave the kitchen in a mess
Don’t try and dance when we are out
Or sing a song or twist and shout

I know you are a lazy sod
A beer in hand and fishing rod
But never fear cause I don’t care
I’ll love you more and more each year!

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