Enchanting Bryant Park

May 23, 2018

In Midtown Manhattan in New York City is the fabulous Bryant Park. Located between 5th and 6th Avenue and 40th and 42nd Street, this privately managed public park is approximately 9 acres.  This is one of my favourite places I like to spend time when I visit New York City. If you would like to know more about this beautiful park, then click here where you can find more information …



Sometimes there is a place on earth that takes your breath away
A special place you stumble on that brightens up your day

It happened not so long ago in a city far from home
A city filled with lights and life where people come to roam

A tiny piece of paradise along a bustling street
Where one can sit and meditate and lovers they can meet

For in this piece of paradise so magical and calm
I found a sense of happiness away from stress and harm

That place I found one sunny day so calm, so green, so pretty
Was far away from my hometown in Manhattan, New York City

The smell of coffee brewing and the sky so blue above
Will make you want to sit awhile and wish you were in love

The trees are there to sit beneath a book to take and read
Or maybe even take a nap if that is what you need

Statues placed for all to see with flowers here and there
And pigeons busy finding crumbs beneath a wooden chair

To meet there with your lover this is the perfect place
To stroll amongst the shady trees and share a warm embrace

If I could choose one place to be in daytime or in dark
That place I’d choose would have to be The Enchanting Bryant Park!


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