Wild and Wonderful Romania

October 7, 2019

The following poem reflects the time I spent in the fascinating country of Romania.  I first went there from Australia in 2001 with my partner at that time, an airline pilot who was Romanian,  for him to work for a new airline company in a city called Cluj Napoca.  Situated in the region called Transylvania, it was the place I first experienced a very harsh and cold winter of snow with temperatures of minus 20 degrees celsius.

I never imagined that even after my partner and I separated after 6 years together,  I would continue to travel back and forth from Australia to Romania every year.  I had purchased a nice apartment in the city and would spend several months at a time, mainly in the summer, until I sold it in 2016.  I’m sure I will return again one day …..



However did I get here, this place so far from home
Where mountains soar up to the sky and gypsies like to roam

This land with so much history, with conflict and with strife
This land with so much mystery has been a big part of my life

I did not speak the language when I ventured to this place
And yet the people welcomed me with a smile upon their face

I’ve seen the stunning countryside and explored the cities too
And stood on snowcapped mountains and taken in the view

I’ve seen majestic castles and shepherds with their sheep
And seen the house of Dracula and walked down cobbled streets

I’ve been to music concerts and seen the Opera too
And been to movie theatres that were old and also new

I’ve been up close to wild bears and watched horses running free
And seen the storks that build their nests high up in a tree

I’ve seen haystacks in the meadows and cherry trees in bloom
And fields of pretty sunflowers that can brighten any room

I’ve dined in five star restaurants and had a wine or two
And sat in many coffee shops to enjoy the perfect brew

I have the fondest memories that will always stay with me
And have so many beautiful friends who feel like family

Wild and wonderful Romania, this place so far from home
A land with so much history where I never felt alone!



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