Welcome to the World Little Girl

May 30, 2019

If you’re a first-time mother to a baby girl, I’m sure you are absolutely over the moon and looking forward to the years ahead of having a wonderful relationship as mother and daughter.  From taking her first footsteps and to her first day at school, as her mother, you will be there to help her through her childhood with love and guidance.

The sleepless nights and coping with everyday challenges that come with caring for your new baby will be rewarded with watching her grow into a beautiful young lady …


Welcome to the world little girl
Your life has just begun
I hope you will be happy
And your life be full of fun

I’ll help you learn to read and write
With letters short and long
I’ll show you how to ride a bike
And hear you sing a song

I’ll read you bedtime stories
And cuddle you so tight
I’ll listen to your wildest dreams
In the day and in the night

I’ll help you to be confident
With hurdles you will face
I’ll teach you to count numbers
And watch you win a race

You can achieve amazing things
As you will hold the key
To open each and every door
Just you wait and see

So welcome to the world little girl
Your life has just begun
I’m happy to finally meet you
And so proud to be your Mum!

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