June 18, 2018

When I travel around the world and visit many interesting countries, the one thing that never seems to change in the big cities is the sight of homeless people. Men and women, both young and old, who spend their days begging on the street or wandering aimlessly from place to place.

Each of them would have a reason for how they came to live this way but for most of us we will never know their story as we pass them in the street and go about our day.



They watch us passing by each day
No time to stop or words to say
Invisible to one and all
In summer, winter, spring and fall

Waiting for a dime or two
Hunger to them is nothing new
A concrete floor or wooden bench
Their daily life amongst the stench

Some of them must share the blame
Of why they choose to live in shame
While others did not have a choice
When as a child they had no voice

And with the setting of the sun
The darkness of the night will come
To find a place where they can stay
Again to face another day

So when we judge them with our eyes
The reason for their slow demise
For each of them it’s not the same
A different story behind their name

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