Outside my Window

May 17, 2022

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big city, the suburbs or out in the countryside the beauty of the trees and the colours of the seasons are a beautiful sight. In springtime the bulbs appear and herald in the summer and when the leaves on the trees change colour and start to fall then we know winter is just around the corner. Trees covered in snow in winter are truly magical.


There’s a tree outside my window and I see it every day
It really is majestic in lots of different ways
The trunk is strong and sturdy and it seems to grow and grow
The branches spread out far and wide and shade the ground below

In summertime the tree is filled with different shades of green
Leaves that change from dark to light and colours in-between
Birds will come to visit and sometimes make a nest
And birds will come to visit if they feel the need to rest

In autumn time the leaves will fall and scatter everywhere
Turning gold and tawny brown as the green will disappear
The branches bare and naked for all the world to see
Void of leaves and colour as the season sets them free

There’s a tree outside my window and I see it every day
I hope that tree will be there forever and a day!

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