The Artist

January 23, 2019
The Artist

From creative murals painted on a wall to original artwork men and women sell on the street, the life of an artist is not easy.  Beautiful paintings can brighten up an otherwise dull and boring space in our home or office.

Some of these talented artists may find fame and fortune while other’s struggle to make a living but we have to thank these creative people for making our world a brighter place to live …



The day is fast approaching noon
The artist stands in an empty room
A brush in hand with an easel stand
Wanting to bury his head in the sand

Silence is his only friend
He’s waiting for the day to end
His life is not an easy one
Hunger and loneliness is never fun

The colours flow from left to right
He’ll paint from now until the night
No time to rest and little sleep
His paintings now must earn his keep

And with the rising of the sun
Another day has just begun
His body tired from so much stress
His life has been a constant mess

His masterpiece is now complete
For him to take down to the street
In rain and shine he’ll sit and wait
Until he learns what is his fate

He hopes this is his lucky day
Some dollars may be tossed his way
His painting sold to pay his keep
So he can smile instead of weep

The artist stands in an empty room
Out the window he sees the moon
Down on his luck for quite a while
But at least for now he can … smile!


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