October 6, 2022

Our everyday life can sometimes be so chaotic that we feel overwhelmed and stressed and it’s hard to find a way or a place where we can find some peace and quiet. Family life with young children or teenagers can be demanding or for business owners trying to keep customers and staff happy is not an easy task. Finding somewhere peaceful to relax and unwind from the stress of the day can do wonders for your soul and body.


Some days we just need solitude
And spend some time alone
To sit somewhere in silence
And not answer the telephone

Our world is filled with a lot of noise
With so much stress and strife
We need to find some peace of mind
To lead a rewarding life

Find what makes you happy
Tranquility is good for the soul
Always being tired and lost
Will eventually take it’s toll

Looking out over the ocean
Looking out over the sea
A perfect day of solitude
Is a perfect day for me

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