Your Story

August 9, 2022

A lot of months and even years go into writing an autobiography and not many of us will ever achieve this in our lifetime. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would consider their daily life to be very ordinary and certainly not worth writing a book about it. Everyone’s life is different and as the years pass by it isn’t until we take the time to look back and realise just what we have accomplished. A journal or diary is a good way to document the chapters in our life ….


Everybody has a story
Everyone has a tale to tell
Some of us will write things down
To create a book to sell

Others will write down memories
As thoughts come in their head
And keep them in a diary
Hidden beneath their bed

Some will write in notebooks
About chapters in their life
And keep them on a bookshelf
Collecting dust and spider mites

Many will keep journals
Of all their hopes and dreams
Some that saw the light of day
While others drifted down streams

Everyone’s life is a story
That makes us smile or frown
From happiness and heartache
So why not write your story down

You won’t regret it

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