Waiting for Santa

December 24, 2018

Children get so excited when there is a special event on the horizon and count down the days until it arrives.  It could be the Easter Bunny leaving some chocolate treats for them to find in the garden or the Tooth Fairy may have left some money under their pillow at night.

The biggest event for them in the year, besides their birthday, is probably Christmas Day. Trying to get little kids to go to sleep the night before is not always easy for parents but when the morning comes, it’s all about love, laughter and lots of wrapping paper to clean up …



Little children are in bed
Dreaming of the man in red
Waiting for the sun to rise
And hoping for a big surprise

When morning comes and they awake
Little footsteps they will take
Running down the stairs so fast
Christmas Day is here at last

And underneath the Christmas tree
The little children finally see
Stockings filled with lots of toys
Some for girls and some for boys

Little dolls and Lego blocks
Picture books and fancy socks
With smiling faces shining bright
Hugging Mum and Dad so tight

Christmas time is once a year
With friends and family all to share
Watching children have such fun
The holidays have just begun!


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