Life is a Journey

November 30, 2018

When we are children, we have no idea what direction our life will take and we just live in the moment.  Life is an adventure and there is so much to see and something new to experience every day.  When we grow up and become adults, some of us have a clear picture of what career we will pursue while others have absolutely no idea, but that’s life …



In this crazy mixed up world of ours where time is moving fast
We seldom stop to take the time to think about our past

We all had expectations and our dreams were far and wide
And nothing was impossible for youth was on our side

The world it was our oyster with horizons to explore
Our journey was just starting with opportunities galore

To find what we were good at that was the golden rule
A career that would define us from what we’d learnt at school

Some of us would settle for work that was mundane
Others craved excitement to stop from going insane

All of us had choices of which path we should take
Some of them were good ones and some a big mistake

We gathered friends around us at home and far away
Friends who we would love and trust forever and a day

And as the years unfolded and the wiser we became
We found the strength to stand alone and we learnt to play the game

Lovers they would come and go and hearts they would be broken
Everlasting memories and some words were left unspoken

Some of us would marry and children would be born
While others would stay single and no wedding ring was worn

Happiness and heartache both go hand in hand
One without the other is like the sea without the sand

We all should take a moment and picture in our mind
Of what we have accomplished like a movie in rewind

For me, I’m looking forward to whatever comes what may
Wherever life will take me I’ll remember every day!


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