April 13, 2022

When you ask people how they met and became friends quite often they will say …. we just clicked. Something connects us to certain people who remain in our life for many years, whether it be through school, a job, a hobby or being in a sports team. I have met so many people, men and women, who I have remained friends with for many years through just striking up a conversation in a cafe or on an aeroplane travelling around the world. As Carole King sang in her song “All you have to do is call and I’ll be there, you’ve got a friend” ….


Friendship is a wonderful thing
We need friends in our life
They help to share the good times
And in times when there is strife

From childhood to our adult years
And all the years between
Our friends are there to listen
To all our hopes and dreams

To laugh out loud together
And do some silly things
To sometimes be outlandish
That’s what a friendship brings

And in times of grief and sadness
When you feel all hope is gone
A friend is always by your side
To lend a shoulder to cry on

Some friends will stay forever
While others will disappear
Some friends will never leave your life
And be there every year

So don’t let go of friendships
That have lasted the test of time
And don’t forget to tell them
I’m your friend and you are mine!

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