A Tropical Island

October 11, 2020

It was quite some years ago that I spent a summer holiday on the tropical island of Vomo which is one of the larger islands in Fiji in the South Pacific. Vomo is a privately owned island consisting of 225 acres. After taking the 15 minute helicopter flight from Nadi International Airport on the mainland, I was greeted by the beautiful staff who handed me a delicious and refreshing fruit juice served in a coconut shell.

There are only about 34 luxurious villas located on the beachfront and also hillside villas among the coconut palms and fragrant frangipani flowers. Beautiful restaurants, swimming pools and lots of things to occupy your day including a 9 hole golf course, diving and fishing tours, kayaking and many other activities. Vomo Island in the South Pacific is certainly a fabulous destination ….


A tropical island is where I want to be 
With crystal clear water and a majestic palm tree
The sound of the waves lapping onto the shore
The smell of the ocean is what I adore

To take a walk along a sandy beach
And view the horizon that is just out of reach
While soaking up sunshine and breathing fresh air
And picking up seashells that are scattered everywhere

To swim in the ocean and relax in the shade
And admire the beauty mother nature has made
To take in the moment as time passes by
The soft white clouds and stunning blue sky

And when the day would turn into night 
Watching the sunset …. what a beautiful sight
Dinner by candlelight and music softly playing
A gentle breeze and the palm trees swaying

There are so many islands I want to explore
I have been to many but want to see more
A tropical island is where I want to be
It’s the place I always feel happy and free!

An extract of this poem is featured in the October 2020 issue of San Diego’s Ranch and Coast Magazine

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