Life in New York City

March 4, 2018
Life in New York City

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple and a concrete jungle are some of the words you often hear to describe New York.  With endless honking of car horns, wailing sirens of emergency vehicles and thousands of tourists you would wonder why anyone would want to go there.

For me, after my first visit in 2009 I was hooked and I’ve been back six more times.  I have to say I LOVE NEW YORK CITY.  Let me take you on a whirlwind tour around this vibrant and amazing city …..



Rain in New York city, Man it’s been a blast
Crazy people strut their stuff and the pace is really fast
Early morning rush hour with coffee on the run
A bagel or an omelette or salami on a bun

Buildings lost up in the clouds and yellow cabs race by
Billboards with their neon lights and planes up in the sky
Apartments by the thousands line every single street
Where people find seclusion and policemen walk their beat

The double decker buses weave their way through town
Tourists sitting side by side going up and going down
Central Park and Harlem and all the Avenues
Windows full of merchandise there’s always something new

Dogs walk on the pavement happy as can be
Ears perked up and tails wag and peeing on a tree
The boats out on the Hudson cruise endlessly each day
Cars they cross Manhattan Bridge to travel far away

Silver carts sell hot dogs and a man is shining shoes
He’ll make the leather sparkle while you read the morning news
People talk on cell phones with lots of things to say
About life and love or how they have spent their day

Wine bars full of workers as their day is at an end
Money has been won and lost and they’ve come to meet a friend
Homeless men and women take refuge every night
In parks or near the subway it’s a sad and sorry sight

The crowds they start to gather as Broadway comes alive
Jersey Boys or Phantom or maybe 9 to 5
This city makes me want to walk a mile or maybe three
I share a smile with strangers and they smile right back at me

Terror paid a visit and destruction was their goal
But nothing will defeat you or take your heart and soul
To come here each and every year now that I can arrange
New York you have to promise me that you will never change!


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