A Mother’s Day

February 26, 2018
A Mother's Day

Ladies, when you hear the old saying – a woman’s work is never done – do you nod your head and say, “that is so true!”  From the time you get out of bed in the morning and your feet hit the floor until you get back into bed at night, you are in top gear all day long.

This especially applies if you are a mother, so does this sound familiar ….



Ok Ok I hear you stop banging on the door
I’m sitting on the toilet seat with my knickers on the floor

 I hear your tummy rumbling and your breakfast I will get
Your father’s just gone out the door and I know your pants are wet

I’ve only got one pair of hands and the chores they never end
Be patient now my little man or I’ll go around the bend

If anyone had told me how motherhood would be
I might have had a second thought what lay in front of me

I’ll wash the clothes and iron them and the floor will get a mop
I’ll wash the dishes in the sink but still I cannot stop

The fridge is nearly empty so there’s food I’ll have to buy
And take the dog down to the vet there’s something in her eye

The day is not yet over and our dinner I must cook
I’d rather put my feet up and read my favourite book

So would I change the role I have as a mother and a wife
Not even for a million bucks … I love this way of life!

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