My Special Friend

February 4, 2018
My Special Friend

From my childhood to my adult life I have gathered friends around me to share the good, the bad and the fun times with.  Some friends I may not see as often as others but they are still part of my life and inner circle as the years go by.

Most of us have a very close or special friend who we can share our thoughts and dreams with and who will tell us the truth when we ask for advice.  We care about their happiness and their wellbeing and this poem I wrote for a special friend of mine …



I have a very special friend who is so far away
She’s feeling rather poorly and in London she must stay
It maybe for a month or two until she’s feeling better
So I am sending her my love and writing her this letter

For many years we have been friends and travelled far and wide
We’ve had some great adventures always being side by side
Like camping out in Africa and rafting down the Nile
It wasn’t quite her cup of tea and yet she raised a smile

Lots of fun and laughter on a road trip back from Spain
An overnight in Italy where it caused us so much pain
The heat it was horrendous and a sleepless night was spent
When morning came we packed our bags and promptly off we went

A holiday in Turkey where we took in all the sights
Floating in the sea by day and hot and balmy nights
With so much fun and laughter a shame it had to end
Happy times as always with my very loyal friend

Sailing in Croatia was a special place to be
Spending time relaxing on the beautiful open sea
Putting down the anchor to stay a night or two
At a peaceful cove or island with a pretty ocean view

So before I sign off here and now some words I have to say
I may not be there with you but you’re on my mind each day
I know you have a struggle and I know you will be strong
And soon you’ll be back home with us right where you belong!

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