The Nelson Grange

January 15, 2018
The Nelson Grange

If you drive approximately 250 km south of the city of Perth in Western Australia you will arrive in the country town of Bridgetown which is nestled beside the Blackwood River.

Being a city girl, it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend time in a peaceful country town like Bridgetown.  It’s even better when your best friends own a beautiful historic house called The Nelson Grange which is set on 40 acres of land and for me, it’s like a ‘home away from home’…


Sitting on the porch one day and sipping on some tea
Side by side together my two best friends and me

Talking idle chatter and staring at the sun
Admiring pretty flowers and all the work they’d done

A special place to visit that means so much to me
Far away from city noise how quiet it can be

Ducks swim on the sparkling pond and peacocks in a tree
Geese they march in single file and the guinea fowl run free

Cows and sheep graze peacefully on grass up on the hill
Alpacas with their wide-eyed stare and donkeys standing still

Their faithful dog is never far he’s loved by one and all
He’ll pester you both day and night to throw his favourite ball

The gardens are a sight to see with roses everywhere
Iris bulbs will start to show when spring is getting near

For all of you who enter be it friend or family
The Nelson Grange will welcome you just you wait and see!

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