Bryant Park – I’m Back

September 27, 2018
Bryant Park

I’m always excited when I get to spend a week or two in New York City and even though I have visited most of the great tourist attractions, just walking around this city is an adventure in itself.  I never get tired of mingling with all the weird and wonderful people and the hustle and bustle of this crowded city.  On my first day in New York you are sure to find me at one of my favourite places …



Another year has come and gone this day I’ve waited for
To visit this enchanting place and here I am once more

Spring has come to visit and flowers are in bloom
Books are sitting on the shelves here in the Reading Room

I watch the people walking by so many different faces
Each of them a tale to tell from near and far off places

The old men sitting playing chess their faces strained in thought
They study every single move for that is what they’re taught

A tiny sparrow sits aloft high up in a tree
I’d like to think he came here just to sing to me

A pretty woman sits nearby so sad and at what cost
Maybe she is thinking of lovers she has lost

The carousel is turning and the music softly plays
To hear the children laughing brings back my childhood days

Lovers sit and cuddle out there on the grass
No matter what their status high or middle class

One day I’ll sit beneath the trees my lover next to me
I’ll hold his hand and whisper can you see what I can see

The beauty of the colours and to feel alive and free
The splendour of this special place that means so much to me

I watch, I hear and listen and I’m happy to be here
My Bryant Park I say to you same time, same place, next year!


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