This Girl Likes To Shop

March 16, 2018
This Girl likes to Shop

What woman doesn’t like the exhilaration of going on a shopping spree and buying up big!  Some of my friends certainly do, they’re like a whirlwind going from store to store spending hours in and out of dressing rooms trying on all the latest fashions.

But who am I to talk, shopping is my passion too as you can see …



Shopping is my passion and it won’t go out of fashion
I like to spend a dime or two I like to shop I really do

Fashion stores are in love with me when I go on a shopping spree
No matter what the time of day they know I have the cash to pay

Denim jeans or a pretty dress I love to shop I must confess
A make-up stand I can’t go past and buy up lipsticks way too fast

A perfume bottle is on my list like a gentle spray or a scented mist
I always purchase two or more as I know I’ll use them that’s for sure

Sexy shoes with heels so high and in every colour I must buy
Red or green or a leopard spot as they make my legs look really hot

Handbags I have way too many and they have cost a pretty penny
The finest leather is the best because they always stand out from the rest

Shopping is my passion and it won’t go out of fashion
So now with shopping bags galore I’m finally walking out the store!

I’m exhausted!


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